Kaleemulla Cut size timber depot

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   No 2146, MGO cross, 19th west cross, Ashoka road,
   9880054706, 6362451107




Dealers in all kinds of Teak, Burma, Hercles, Honne, Nandi, Neem, jungle wood cut sizes, and much more.

Kaleemulla Cut size timber depot is one of the best shop for Wood cutting and Buying all kinds of woods, it is located Ashoka road, Mysore, it was started in 1986, under the ownership of Kaleemulla. They have a great experience in selling best quality Woods.

Established in:    1986

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Kaleemulla Cut size timber depot
Wood Cutting
Teak wood
Burma wood
Hercles wood
Honne wood
Nandi wood
Wood Polishing
Wood Shaping

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